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Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my tumblr so follow it maybe?

(also my Instagram is 0aceofskies0, but I couldn't come up with something clever for that so I'm just going to sit it here.)


A place for all the artwork people do of my characters! Any and all artwork done of my OCs is placed here.

Here I stand by Xmaggy9 James by Xmaggy9 :PC: We Bad Boys by poIarsken Commission for aceofskies by Vinchinderlous Commission: Jagger by AbsintheAndOleander Commission for aceofsketch by SchizophrenicFrankie Another Commission for AceofSkies by SchizophrenicFrankie Seren-Comission by Britannica-Graced Jagger :AT: by AmbulanceHeartAttack .: Commission - Jagger :. by Gavvy--Jones aceofskies ych by GlitchedShark Comm1.1:. Aceofskies by MaidenOfTheBells Comm: Still in Style by AstroDemon CM: Jagger by BubblyPunkBitch C: Jagger by NinjAubrey Don't stab me by PowerlineArcade Merry uh... boxing day.... over morrow ? by PowerlineArcade Smexy by BlakesCapsule


:iconilikethempierced: :iconthe-adoptable-corp: :icongetoriginal: :iconcreepyandcute-adopts: :iconrp-your-stories:


I am currently looking for people who are willing to beta read my comic.


You will be sent one page to one chapter at a time, after being sent these pages you will be asked the following- what you liked about the page(s), your least favorite thing about the page(s), what you would change about the page(s), and does the page makes sense.


The comic will be fantasy/action in genre, however it will be set in the real world around our current year if not a little in the future. If you do not like this genre or premise I ask that you refrain from signing up to be a beta reader.


This story will include mythical beings including, but not limited to, angels, demons, werewolves, vampires, imp, the undead, and gods (the greek ilk). The way they will be represented in this comic may show little resemblance to known mythology and so you will be asked to disregard such mythology going into this comic.



By choosing to be a beta reader you are certain that you can identify, and point out, grammatical flaws from misspelling, to run-on and fragmented sentences.

By choosing to be a beta reader you will not be able to talk about, recreate, distribute, or re-distribute the comic page(s) sent to you. Failure to comply to this rule will result in the revoking of beta reader status.

By choosing to be a beta reader you understand that you will not be receiving payment in any capacity for being a part of the beta reader process. You will only have bragging rights that you got to read the comic before anyone else and your name credited as a beta reader after the comic is entirely finished and posted. Note: If even after the comic is entirely posted you would still like to remain un-credited your wishes will be respected.

If you are a beta reader I implore you to not say that you are such until the comic is concluded in full.

By choosing to be a beta reader you strongly believe that you will be able to give a detailed report about the page(s) within a 48 hour window of being sent them. After failure to either give a detailed report, or a detailed report within 48 hours on 3 occasions you understand that your beta reader status will be revoked.

As a beta reader you may at any point choose to stop being a beta reader, however, understand that you will not be allowed to be reinstated as a beta reader for as long as the rest of the beta reading process runs.


How many beta readers will there be?

There will be a total of 5 beta readers at any given time.

If one beta reader is unable to fulfill their job and are revoked of beta reader status a new beta reader will be chosen.


How do I become a beta reader?

Easy! Simply comment on this journal or send me a note saying that you are interested in being a beta reader!


How long does the beta reader process last?

I wish that were as easy a question to answer. I will be sending you the pages as they are created. At this point and time I can estimate 6-12 months.



If you have any questions that were not addressed in this journal please comment or note me and I will answer as soon as I see it!

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Sketch Commission
No Future Here by aceofsketch Get That Ice or Else No Dice by aceofsketch What Am I by aceofsketch

:bulletgreen: send me a link to the character you want drawn.
:bulletorange: no color.
:bulletred: one character only please.
Premium Human Commission
Bulletproof by aceofskies
Otherside by aceofskies
I'll Play the Game by aceofskies
New Old Blood by aceofskies
This is Shrangi La by aceofskies
Anything even remotely human you want drawn I will do.

:bulletgreen: Up to a maximum of any 5 characters per commission.
:bulletgreen: Any background you can think of, ever. If there are people in the background they will not be detailed.
:bulletgreen: The character(s) can be doing anything under an X rating.
:bulletgreen: The only commission type in which I will draw anthro!

:bulletyellow: Animals all count as 1 character a piece. except elephants, they count as 2, I don't like their ankles.
:bulletyellow: Photo references of at least the head of your character must be provided upon ordering, I will accept photos or physical description for clothing.

:bulletred: No re-draws, no refunds, no running by the pool, and no un-authorized commercial use.
Leave a Scar on Your Way Out by aceofskies
We Gotta Go by aceofskies
Hideaway {YCH} by aceofskies
This is Shrangi La by aceofskies
Portraits only. OCs, FCs, cannon, and real people are welcome.

:bulletgreen: fully colored.
:bulletgreen: one character.
:bulletgreen: simple background, OR no background.
:bulletgreen: will do up to an R-rating.
:bulletgreen: will do couples of any race, genders, etc.
:bulletgreen: 500 :points: for every extra character or person.
:bulletgreen: nekos welcome.
:bulletred: no anthros, or feral please.

All extra :points: are to be sent to my donation pool. Thank you!
Wolves/ Foxes/ Dogs
Com: Bounce for Microsong by aceofskies
Com: Little Discoveries by aceofskies
Comm for aresbattlecry by aceofskies

One fully colored canine with simple background. Ocs welcome!

no haggle.

:bulletgreen: 20 :points: for each additional canine.
:bulletgreen: Ask for detailed background pricing.
:bulletred: No anthros please.

All extra :points: should be sent to my donation pool, thank you.


aceofskies has started a donation pool!
1,132 / 1,140

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Posting a few pages of the comic to hopefully spark some interest in the beta reader applications. 

No deviants said which are here by the way ->


I watched School of Rock YESTERDAY --Oh my gerd, so special-- TwT
Mon Jan 25, 2016, 2:24 PM
He aint' got that swrv yo' got to get that lambo boom boom u dat spicy frito chili pie girl they cant handle you girl got that lambo boom boom u ok like easter sunday girl got that lambo boom boom boi aint' got that swrv got to get that lambo boom boom
Sun Jan 24, 2016, 8:21 PM
Now presenting your featured film of the night: Jack Black's School of Rock
Sun Jan 24, 2016, 8:15 PM
too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot to handle too hot burin' up
Sun Jan 24, 2016, 8:14 PM
Well the Devil went down to Georgia He was lookin' for a soul to steal He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind And he was willin' to make a deal When he came across this young man Sawin' on a fiddle and playin' it hot And the Devil jumped up
Sun Jan 24, 2016, 8:11 PM


Leave a Scar on Your Way Out by aceofskies We Gotta Go by aceofskies Bulletproof by aceofskies This is Shrangi La by aceofskies

Mature Content

Eat Your Heart Out by aceofskies
Lazarus by aceofskies New Old Blood by aceofskies Ghost by aceofskies I'll Play the Game by aceofskies Otherside by aceofskies

Any critiques given on these pieces will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.


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